Friday, March 21, 2008

After NCCAT and still learning

Tonight I've been reading Bob Sprankle's article in PBS Teachers titled Four Weeks to a Flatter You. What a great way to step through setting up web 2.0 tools. I use for my feeds but to learn more, I watched the tutorial screencast recommended by Sprankle and it is much easier to understand than anything else I've seen. I'm looking forward to going through the next tutorials. Bob Sprankle is from Wells, Maine where they implemented a laptop for all 7th and 8th graders. He played an important part in setting up the programming and training the teachers for laptop program. The Mooresville City School System could probably take notes from Bob. His blog is Bit by Bit. My good friends live in Fryeburg, Maine and have talked about this program. I have lots of questions for implementation like who takes care of setting printers, fixing broken keys, reimaging when they lose the network connection, setting up wireless and on and on. I guess they have to hire a slew of tech specialists - I hope!

It's getting late so I must close my laptop and get upstairs. Goodnight to all. Dude.

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