Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feed me!

I'm trying to figure out if I'm pushing or pulling information out of my brain to understand Will Richardson's loaded article on how to set up RSS feeds. I'm getting pretty chummy with blogger now that I'm learning how to use the menu bar.

I guess you could call learning about feeds a "just in time" approach to this new tool - just in time to complete my assignment. Ok, so let me get this straight - my feeds will be sent to my aggregator when I set it up. My fav blogs or news sites can be added to my aggregator if I follow the directions and if there's a little icon at the bottom of the screen. How to choose the best one for my needs is another task at hand. Commercial or freeware? I love the catchy little names of all the different free aggregators so I think I'll choose one called Newsgator or Fuzzy Duck. Heck, I can even get Feed Beep to call my phone when my favorite sites are updated. Just what I need - another phone call to let me know that there's something else that I need to read!! What about my other life?

Actually Quintin at gives great directions on using Bloglines. He also states that "the average Bloglines subscriber has 20 feeds in their aggregator." Is that to inspire or to discourage. How will I ever keep up? Ok, I should stop blogging and set it up so that I will be able to see just how wonderful this can be.

Later Gator!

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