Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wiki Week

I got a late start on the course assignment this week so here it is Sunday night and I'm still working on it. Most people in the real world have tomorrow off work (President's Day) but in the world of Year-Round school, it's just another day. So on to the world of wiki. I created a Salem Reads wiki so that our students can start writing about the books that they are reading. We'll create a new page for each book and I'd like to stick to newly published books. Our Newbery book club will be the first to use the wiki and then we'll spread out to others. Starting with a small group will help me figure out the details. I have other ideas to use a wiki with the AG (academically gifted) students to engage them in further inquiry of the topics in their Social Studies class. I have a teacher who I'll work with and his AG students will meet with me so that I can introduce the extensions of the lesson. Fun!

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