Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where am I now?

It's Sunday, the day that I try to finish up the assignment for the week. So while reading and clicking to learn more about RSS feeds and social bookmarking, I am still trying to figure out the best way to plan for student use. I have the big picture but the details are slow to come. First of all, I want the students (selected small group) to blog as part of a research project on topics from Asia. The purpose of the blog is to differentiate for the higher level and to bring the new 2.0 tools out for the students and teachers to become familiar with.

Ok here's where the questions begin. I thought I read that via edublog, students did not have to have email addresses. Now I need to look back and find out how so that I can set the students up on my edublog called Any help will be appreciated. Once I get them set up, I will place a link to their blogs onto my site.

Now back to this week's assignment. I set up an aggregrator through bloglines but I'm still learning all about how it works and the advantages of using this tool with students. I hope I'll find blogs from others who are trying to figure it all out. I think it requires more time than I have put into learning this week. A very busy weekend with my other life has come between me and my Web 2.0. I love it and feel like a hungry dog looking for a bone. Here's a list of what I have set up: (your're reading it!) (linked above)
Bloglines (least familiar with using this)
Skype (I have not added any other users to contact but hope to)
Animoto ( I have an account here and have had fun with the students!! (I'm using this tool to work on the draft of our School Improvement Plan)

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