Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Sunday eve and I'm finishing up my 2.0 assignment for the week in time to watch the Super Bowl. I'm expanding my "curious to learn about" list as I read through the blogs of other educators. Here goes and I'm sure if I read ahead in the lessons, most of these terms/tools would be revealed: Feed burner, widget, jing, moodle, tweet & twitter (for this week anyway).

I enjoyed reading Mr. Coyle's Edublog and the way that he assigned the students blogging responses. He's an 8th grade humanities teacher in India (at an American School) and his students responded to complex, open ended questions that prompted thoughtful writing. He also linked his rubrics and lesson introductions to the blog which is the way that we use Blackboard at our school.

From another blog that I read, from a high school somewhere in New England, the students wrote articles that would be worthy of publishing in the school newspaper. Impressive. My thoughts on how to use blogging in the classroom has expanded tremendously since I started this class and now I need to act on it with a real class. I am planning on working with a student teacher on a creative writing lessson and now I want to add her class to the blog so that the students can read and comment on each other.

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