Friday, February 1, 2008

Wiki and Animoto

Everyday I learn something new from the students. I've been working with a 6th grade class on research on various topics about Russia. For sharing pictures, some of the students are adding the pictures to Animoto which mixes the pictures with music for a neat little 30 second video. They are so excited and engaged with the project. They do most of their research on school time but they are also learning how to do all the added extras which they can further explore at home.

So I'm learning by doing so I created my own video with Animoto. Using it for short videos is free - after registering but if you want to do longer videos, you can pay the $30. fee for 1 year. So in advance of our author, Neal Shusterman's visit, I created an ad video to put on the webpage. Let's see if it works!

Have a GREAT Friday!

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